Economic Growth

When energy is more affordable and more available, more goods are produced, and more jobs are created. Natural gas offers Florida a simple opportunity to provide affordable energy, jobs, and a better quality of life, while saving commercial and residential consumers money.

Natural Gas Business Owners

Energy Security

Natural gas is part of our nation’s long-term energy strategy. Domestic gas production accounts for nearly 93 percent of all the natural gas consumed in the U.S. It is also domestically abundant, making our nation and our allies more secure.


The FNGA advocates for policies that protect the environment while allowing our members to continue to deliver clean natural gas to customers, safely and reliably. Our nation’s abundance of clean natural gas provides an incredible opportunity to drive economic growth, while protecting the environment and boosting national energy security.

Natural Gas Infrastructure

Natural gas powers Florida, and about 97 percent of our state’s population lives in counties that rely on natural gas.

Other Initiatives

This use of natural gas is also being advocated for to solve other initiatives that range from power generation and safety outreach, to LNG exports and use in the space, maritime and rail transportation industries.


Natural gas is reducing air pollution, particularly when used as a transportation fuel. In addition to cleaner air, using natural gas to fuel commercial fleets can offer significant long-term cost savings, contribute to greater use of American energy, and greater energy security.

Get Involved!

Learn more about the role of government advocacy, along with important law changes and other natural gas priorities.

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Damage Prevention

See what actions the FNGA is taking to help reduce damages to natural gas pipeline and distribution lines.