Potential incentives may include everything from service reactivation bonuses and limited-time appliance offers, to builder allowances and CNG tax credits. Check with your local utility for a complete list of natural gas rebates and incentives that are currently available to you.

Rebates For Business

Natural gas rebates and incentives encourage businesses to adopt cost effective technologies and practices that improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions. Explore some of the natural gas commercial rebates that may be available to your business.

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Builder Rebates

When a builder or architect decides to build with natural gas, they build reliability, savings, and energy efficiency into another Florida building. See available builder rebates for multifamily developments and more.

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Rebates For Home

Natural gas appliances not only help residential consumers do their part in conserving energy, but they also reduce costs. View a list of natural gas rebates designed to help homeowners save right away.

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By updating our local, state, and federal policies now, we can identify new opportunities to bring the benefits of natural gas to more users.