Is Natural Gas Safe?

Natural gas is a safe and reliable energy source. Natural gas is in fact considered the safest form of energy delivery available, reaching consumers every day safely and securely via pipeline.

Industry Safeguards

Your safety is the top priority for Florida’s natural gas utilities. Additionally, there is significant regulatory oversight focused on the natural gas industry to help ensure public safety.

Smell Gas? ACT FAST!

Did you know that natural gas is naturally odorless? A rotten egg smell is added to natural gas to easily detect a leak.

  • IF YOU SMELL NATURAL GAS, leave the home or business immediately and get to a safe area.
  • FROM A SAFE AREA, call 911 or your local gas utility to report the leak.
  • NEVER try to locate the leak yourself.
  • DO NOT use your phone at the location – not even to text!
  • DO NOT smoke or light a match, touch anything electrical, or do anything to create a spark.

811 Before You Dig

For digging projects, large or small, make sure you always call 811 at least two days before digging. For more on safe digging practices, visit

Hurricane Safety

Stay safe during severe weather, starting with these tips:

  • DO NOT turn off the natural gas to your building, not even before evacuating.
  • If you smell a rotten egg odor, call your local utility immediately or 911 to report a leak.
  • If damage to any type of natural gas equipment occurs, never try to fix it!
  • No matter if you lost natural gas service or a gas appliance has been damaged – or even if you notice a fallen tree in your yard – steer clear of gas safety hazards. Instead, call the professionals.

Consumer Safety Tips

While natural gas utilities work every day to protect the safety of their customers, it is important that customers actively participate through their own safety methods. Visit our partner site for natural gas consumer safety tips.

Natural Gas Facts

View a list of facts on natural gas.


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