Benefits for Home


Natural gas appliances are more energy-efficient, so they helphomeowners save on energy bills.


The carbon footprint of a natural gas home is approximately half the carbon footprint of a non-gas home.


Natural gas pipelines are protected underground so homes can cook, take hot showers and enjoy other basic comforts after the storm.

Residential Rebates

While rebate amounts and availability vary by utility, many Florida homeowners can take advantage of money back when they upgrade their home with the latest energy-efficient natural gas appliances and equipment. Check with your local natural gas utility to see if any rebates are available at your home address.

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Find Your Local Utility

For available rebates and other potential offers, enter your zip code to find your local natural gas utility.

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Read additional advantages to using natural gas, from benefitting Florida’s businesses and homes, to fueling our vehicles and industry.

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