2023 Session

SB 284
Energy; Revising the selection criteria for purchasing or leasing vehicles for state agencies, state universities, community colleges, and local governments under a state purchasing plan; requiring the Department of Management Services, before a specified date, to make recommendations to state agencies, state universities, community colleges, and local governments relating to the procurement and integration of electric and natural gas fuel (includes propane) vehicles and other vehicles powered by renewable energy, etc. Effective Date: 7/1/2023

HB 1281
Prohibits certain local governmental entities, subject to specified exceptions, from enacting or enforcing resolution, ordinance, rule, code, or policy or from taking any action that restricts or prohibits or has effect of restricting or prohibiting use of appliances. Effective Date: July 1, 2023

HB 1307
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Revises requirements for applicants for Class “K” license; revises circumstances under which DACS may waive firearms training requirements; requires Division of Licensing of DACS to establish specified late fee by rule; authorizes DACS to publish certain information online in lieu of using paper format; provides criminal penalties for actions relating to retail fuel theft; requires law enforcement agencies to remove & reclaim, recycle, or dispose of fuel in specified manner; specifies that convicted persons are responsible for certain costs & payments. Specific to license holders of Category 1 and 5 LP Gas licenses they are statutorily able to design piping, tubing, appliances, and equipment for the use of lp gas or natural gas. Effective Date: July 1, 2023

HB 7063
Revises provisions related to taxation including an extension on the natural gas fuel excise tax exemption until 2026, provides for a sales tax exemption on machinery and equipment used to produce, store, transport, compress, or blend renewable natural gas at a fixed location, creates a tool time sales tax holiday between September 2, 2023 and September 8, 2023 (see legislation for details), creates a one year sales tax holiday on the retail sale of a new Energy Star appliance for non-commercial use, and creates a one year sales tax holiday on the retail sale of gas ranges and cook tops. Effective Date: July 1, 2023

2022 Session

Primarily Defense and no legislation passed that disrupted the industry.

2021 Session

HB 401
Prohibiting certain regulations relating to building design elements from being applied to certain dwellings; providing exceptions; providing requirements for the petition and commission; requiring the commission to issue a nonbinding advisory opinion within a specified timeframe; prohibiting the use of preliminary maps issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency under certain circumstances; authorizing the commission to issue errata to the code; prohibiting a local government from requiring certain contracts for the issuance of a building permit; authorizing certain local entities to use a private provider for code inspection services under certain circumstances; revising how certain excess funds may be used by a local government; requiring evaluation entities that meet certain criteria to comply with certain standards; authorizing the commission to suspend or revoke certain approvals under certain circumstances, etc.

SB 630
Prohibiting insurance policies from providing specified rights of subrogation under certain circumstances; authorizing a condominium association to extinguish discriminatory restrictions; authorizing the board of administration of an association to take certain actions relating to electric vehicle charging stations and natural gas fuel stations; authorizing parties to initiate presuit mediation under certain circumstances; revising the allowable uses of certain escrow funds withdrawn by developers; authorizing certain developers to include reserves in the budget, etc.

SB 896
Defining the term “solar facility”; providing that solar facilities are a permitted use in local government comprehensive plan agricultural land use categories and certain agricultural zoning districts; authorizing the Florida Public Service Commission to approve cost recovery by a gas public utility for certain contracts for the purchase of renewable natural gas, etc.

HB 919
Preemption Over Restriction of Utility Services: Prohibits municipalities, counties, special districts, or other political subdivisions from restricting or prohibiting types or fuel sources of energy production used, delivered, converted, or supplied by certain entities to customers; voids existing specified documents & policies that are preempted by this act.

2020 Session

HB 1095
Providing term limits for the Public Counsel; revising and providing noncriminal violations relating to the transportation of certain hazardous materials; authorizing the State Fire Marshal or his or her agents to issue certain citations; requiring certain persons to transmit an incident report to the State Fire Marshal; requiring Sunshine State One-Call of Florida, Inc., to review certain reports and complaints, etc.

HB 1193
Requiring the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to waive the requirement to pass the Commercial Driver License Skills Tests for certain servicemembers and veterans; specifying that the failure to repay certain student loans is not considered a failure to perform a statutory or legal obligation for which certain disciplinary action can be taken; deleting the requirement that the Florida State Boxing Commission adopt rules relating to a knockdown timekeeper; revising the membership and qualifications of the Florida Building Commission, etc.

HB 107 Establishes penalties for texting and driving in school and construction zones.
SB 184 Transfers assisted living facility regulatory authority from Department of Elder Affairs to AHCA (generators)
HB 327 Creates a public records exemption for public meetings that discuss details of public utility information systems.
HB 447 Revises the process for closing building permits and allows the Florida Building Commission to adopt amendments to the code that are not Florida specific.
HB 591 Creates a public records exemption for public utilities in increments of less than one billing cycle.
SB 1020 Creates the state hemp program, licensing for processing and growing of hemp in Florida. Great potential for a very large gas demand!
HB 7125 Increases the threshold of theft from $300 to $750 which includes utility theft
SB 7068 Corridors legislation that will create new and extend existing toll roads which could provide for an opportunity to expand infrastructure to under/unserved areas of Florida.

HB 5001 a $1,000,000 Natural Gas Fuel Fleet rebate program at the Energy Office
HB 7087 included the extension of the CNG/LNG excise tax to expire December 31, 2023; a sales tax exemption on generators for assisted living facilities and nursing home (originally this was limited to natural gas and propane, but diesel was included in the end)
HB 7099 Ratification of the Nursing Home generator rules
SB 7028 Ratification of the Assisted Living Facility generator rules *Inclusion of piped natural gas for nursing home and assisted living facility Level 2 generator

HB 1021 Florida Building Code development re-write, Chapter 489 exemption for municipal gas utilities
HB 865 NGV weight variance
HB 1027 Drone protection

SB 416 Relocation of Utilities SB 90 NGV Rebate Program
SB 776 Utility Information Technology Public Records Exemption
HB 5001 NGV Rebate Program Appropriation $6,000,000
*Successful in amending the Utility Accommodation Manual for installation of gas pipelines and distribution systems

SB 766 Utility Drone Use Exemption
SB 2500A NGV Rebate Program Appropriation $6,000,000

HB 641 Computer Crimes against utilities
HB 5001 NGV Rebate Program Appropriation $6,000,000
HB 5601 Maintain Parity with electricity on sales tax
HB 7005 Move Over Act includes utility workers
HB 7147 Florida Building Code (range hood exhaust requirements)

HB 269 Florida Building Commissioner appointment for natural gas industry
HB 579 NGV Rebate Program, tax re-write, and $6,000,000 appropriation
HB 1083 Underground Natural Gas Storage (pipeline and distribution exemption)

HB 517 Asbestos Contractor exemption for natural gas utilities