There’s a lot to learn about natural gas, a remarkably versatile and abundant energy resource. From its fascinating origins deep beneath the earth to its far-reaching applications and benefits, uncover these compelling facts that illuminate why natural gas is a cornerstone of our energy future.

If the power goes out, natural gas stays on.

Natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable energy sources available. Since natural gas is delivered to homes and businesses through a network of underground pipelines, it provides nearly 100% reliable service—even during emergencies, hurricanes, and power outages. In fact, after Hurricane Irma in 2017, it was reported that 6.7 million customers lost access to electricity, but only 300 lost access to natural gas.

Is natural gas affordable?

Although natural gas is a premium fuel, it is also one of the lowest-cost energy sources available. From lower utility costs to energy conservation rebates, Florida’s natural gas utilities help consumers every day to reduce the installation, operating and maintenance costs of their natural gas equipment while using less energy AND……it’s better for the environment!! Floridians can contact their local natural gas utility to learn about any rebates or other special offers that may be available to their business, home, manufacturing plant, fleet, or municipality.

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is pipeline-compatible fuel derived from biogenic or other renewable sources that has lower lifecycle carbon dioxide equivalent emissions than geological natural gas. RNG can be produced from various waste streams including farms, landfills, and water resource recovery facilities or from renewable electricity. Today, these waste streams release methane into the atmosphere. By converting these waste streams to RNG, the methane is now consumed as energy rather than released into the atmosphere, helping to keep our planet clean.

Natural gas has a strong safety record.

Natural gas has a strong safety record.

Natural gas is a safe and reliable energy source. It’s considered to be one of the safest energy sources available. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, natural gas pipelines are the safest form of energy transportation.

Natural gas is driving innovation.

Natural gas is an innovative energy source. For the end user, advantages include greater reliability and hurricane ready comfort, as well as substantial cost and energy savings—especially when used in business and industry. From using natural gas to generate electricity, to recycling waste into usable fuel with Renewable Natural Gas, to creating opportunities for agricultural businesses, natural gas is driving innovation and energy efficiency.

How is natural gas used in homes and businesses?

As America’s largest growing form of energy, natural gas has a wide range of applications. In the U.S., natural gas is most commonly used for heating, cooking, and power generation. Homes and businesses use natural gas for heat-intensive applications, such as water heating, cooking, clothes drying, grilling, pool/spa heating, and space heating.

Natural gas is versatile.

Natural gas is America’s largest growing energy resource, powering Florida’s businesses, homes, and industries with limitless opportunities. Common industrial uses include manufacturing, agriculture, and standby generation. Unlike most fuels, natural gas can be used to meet virtually any energy need. There are natural gas applications that provide alternatives to electricity, propane, fuel oil, coal, nuclear, solar and wind, gasoline and diesel.

Natural gas is domestically abundant.

Natural gas is domestically abundant.

Most of the natural gas we use in America comes from the U.S. By using America’s own natural gas, the U.S. can reduce our dependence on foreign energy. Since natural gas is domestically produced, it also creates jobs.

Where does natural gas come from?

Natural gas began forming millions of years ago from the remains of microscopic plants and animals deep beneath the earth’s surface. Today it’s usually found in deep underground rock formations. The U.S. has generations of natural gas around the country that Florida can access through the robust national pipeline system – with trillions of cubic feet of natural gas not yet discovered.

Natural gas is a highly abundant energy source.

The U.S. has an estimated 3,368 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of technically recoverable natural gas resources. With an abundant supply and vast infrastructure, natural gas is available when you need it.

Is natural gas a fossil fuel?

Natural gas is the earth’s cleanest fossil fuel. Natural gas is cleaner and more efficient than non-gas energy sources, resulting in smaller carbon footprints, reduced energy waste, and the conservation of valuable energy resources.

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See More Advantages

Read additional advantages to using natural gas, from benefitting Florida’s businesses and homes, to fueling our vehicles and industry.

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Whether powering industry or fueling fleets, every day natural gas provides the energy Florida industries need while preserving its natural beauty for generations to come.

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