Whether it’s serving hotel or restaurant guests with outstanding food and amenities, or enabling healthcare facilities to save energy and stay hurricane-ready – natural gas fuels a large variety of commercial and industrial applications, providing limitless opportunities.

Commercial Builders


When you build with natural gas, you’re adding value, versatility and marketability to your commercial properties. Installing equipment that uses natural gas as its fuel source is more efficient than its counterpart, electric equipment. On top of that, consumers enjoy significant operating savings by using natural gas equipment. With all of these features and benefits, it’s easy to see why natural gas is the preferred energy choice for buyers.


As a healthcare facility, it’s essential you always have the energy to provide the best care possible. Natural gas backup generators ensure that the likelihood of an outage is essentially eliminated. The generators kick on automatically to provide continuous power to operate your facility during all types of weather. Ensure safer, more dependable and more energy-efficient operations with natural gas as your energy source.


Natural gas is helping businesses in the foodservice industry be more efficient, profitable, and productive — all while improving safety and reliability. Whether it’s providing guests with outstanding food and amenities, or enabling restaurateurs to save energy and stay hurricane-ready, natural gas is the smart way to lower operating costs, reduce emissions, and satisfy customers. Take control of energy costs and increase the value of your commercial kitchen with natural gas.


Versatile and resilient, natural gas can fuel a range of transportation vehicles including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, transit buses and shuttles, forklifts, trains, and marine vessels, such as cruise ships and barges.

More Commercial Applications

Natural gas is powering more innovation, in more places than ever before. From Florida farms and retail businesses to hotels and healthcare facilities, to commercial aerospace and beyond, natural gas fuels a large variety of commercial and industrial applications.

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