Luxe Living

Increase resident satisfaction with high-end natural gas amenities.

Luxe Living

Increase resident satisfaction with high-end natural gas amenities.

Cost Efficient

Lower your utility costs, without cutting corners.


Stay up and running, even during storms.

Bringing the Comforts of Home to Senior Living with Natural Gas

Upgrades that increase desirability. Thoughtful upgrades can increase resident satisfaction and operational efficiency at your assisted living community or retirement home. See how natural gas can add a touch of high-end luxury, while keeping costs low.

Luxe Living Made Simple

Luxe Living Made Simple

Natural gas amenities create spaces that feel luxurious and upscale. When prospective residents and their families see a natural gas stove, they imagine meals cooked with greater care. An outdoor grill resembles memories made outside with family and friends. Indoor or outdoor fireplaces create ambiance and a place to unwind. These features not only improve the aesthetic and comfort of your community, but also cater to the expectations of residents looking for a top-tier living experience.

Cost Efficiency Without Cutting Corners

Switching to natural gas can help to reduce your utility costs. In fact, natural gas is 3.3 times more affordable than electricity and more cost effective than other energy sources, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This makes it an economically sound choice that can free up budget for other enhancements or services within your community.

Cost Efficiency Without Cutting Corners
Reliability You Can Count On

Resiliency You Can Count On

From staff to residents, hundreds of people rely on the energy that powers an assisted living community. That means there’s no room for error. Natural gas is ideal during storms because it’s delivered through mostly underground pipelines. This infrastructure is less susceptible to damage during a storm than overhead electrical lines. Natural gas also powers generators that keep everything running throughout the assisted living community, providing comfort even during adverse weather.

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Natural Gas Simulator: Analyze Your Potential Savings

Designed by Florida’s leading energy research firm, this software offers Assisted Living communities’ operations managers the ability to input up to 60 specific values, including water and heating fuel sources, efficiencies, and tank styles, to compare various technologies and forecast operating expenses. Whether you’re exploring new designs or optimizing existing systems, our simulator provides the data-driven clarity you need.

Natural Gas Simulator: Analyze Your Potential Savings

Energy Analysis Summary

Check out the savings! This report outlines the many benefits and savings of natural gas versus other energy types, for a variety of assisted living communities.

Learn more by downloading our detailed Energy Analysis Report now.

Join Our 2024-2025 Assisted Living Energy Savings Study

Join our Energy Savings Study and learn how much your facility or community may save when you switch to natural gas.

Participant requirements include:

  • Onsite visit
  • Photographing your site
  • Participating in an in-depth questionnaire

Your study will provide critical information on how to capitalize on all the energy savings and benefits natural gas provides.

Selected participants may receive $1,000!

Join Our 2025 Assisted Living Energy Savings Study

Assisted Living Case Studies

Read how assisted living communities benefit from the amenities and cost savings natural gas provides.


Natural gas distributor Peoples Gas installed six natural gas-powered heat pumps (GHPs) to heat and cool Palm Terrace, an assisted living and adult daycare in Tampa, Florida. The company also installed a natural gas backup generator. In September 2022, Hurricane Ian hit the Tampa Bay area and an electric transformer near the community failed. Thankfully, Palm Terrace’s GHP air conditioning system continued to operate without issue. The other systems switched to the backup natural gas generator and powered the community. Thanks to the natural gas GHPs and on-site backup generator, Palm Terrace’s residents and staff stayed safe and unaffected before, during and after the hurricane.

Expanding the Reach

The Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA) is committed to informing Floridians about the benefits of natural gas, especially when using and advocating natural gas in consumer applications.

Find Your Local Utility

Find Your Local Utility

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