Ensuring Community Safety With Helpful Gas Resources

Keeping communities safe across the state of Florida is a top priority at Florida Natural Gas Association. Find useful resources below to assist first responders in getting vital utility contact information in case of a gas emergency. Also take advantage of gas safety training courses presented by peers in your industry, plus use our quick and easy sign-up process for training in your area.

Safety Training

Join other first responders in learning how to respond safely and effectively to natural gas leaks and other gas related incidents. There are free gas safety training courses available in your area that will give you hands-on practice and realistic expertise.

Safety Training Resources

Review the natural gas safety presentations below to learn how you can respond safely and effectively to natural gas leaks and other gas-related incidents.

Incident Command & Emergency Response for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

The Smell of Danger

Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies

Florida’s “Big 3” Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

Know Who to Call in an Emergency

Respond faster to a gas incident by contacting the correct gas utility’s Emergency Response Safety Team Member directly. Enter the Zip Code of your primary work location to find your local gas utility.

Get Informed About Gas Safety

To request gas emergency utility personnel contact info not available to the general public, or to sign up for FREE gas safety training courses, contact the FNGA today.

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Find Your Local Utility

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