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DID YOU KNOW… 35 percent of small businesses cite energy as a major operating expense. 1


Save money every day when you choose natural gas for your business. It costs up to half as much to operate natural gas commercial equipment than it does using a non-gas energy source.

High Efficiency

Natural gas reaches Florida’s energy users at up to three times the efficiency of other energy types. With cleaner, more efficient natural gas, conserving energy is only the beginning.

Hurricane Ready

The high level of reliability provided by natural gas enables businesses to continue to run, protect inventory, and proceed with other crucial operations – even if the power is out. Plus, some types of natural gas equipment work automatically in a power outage.

Eco Friendly

Natural gas is cleaner and more efficient than non-gas energy sources, helping businesses to minimize energy waste and reduce their carbon footprints.

Eco Friendly Natural Gas
Domestic Natural Gas


In addition to being domestically produced, America’s plentiful natural gas supply is set to last well into the next century.

The Preferred Energy Choice

Whether it’s providing hotel or restaurant guests with outstanding food and amenities, or enabling homes and businesses to save energy and stay hurricane ready, it’s easy to see why natural gas is the preferred energy choice.

Save Big With Natural Gas Rebates

Many of Florida’s local natural utilities offer rebates to offset the cost of including natural gas equipment.

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