Whether you are building custom homes, a multifamily development, or an entire commercial real estate endeavor, you cannot go wrong by using natural gas.


Hospitals and assisted living facilities have larger and more complex energy requirements than many other commercial sectors. Fortunately, in rain or shine, your local natural gas utility stands ready to deliver.


Florida’s hospitality industry relies heavily on natural gas so hotel and restaurant businesses can efficiently serve the many visitors to our state. Build the recipe for profits into your commercial kitchen with natural gas foodservice equipment.


Using natural gas to fuel commercial fleets can offer significant long-term cost savings, contribute to greater use of American energy, greater energy security, and cleaner air.


From basic heating and cooling, to solving humidity issues in manufacturing processes, natural gas can be the best solution to your business needs. Reduce your energy costs by using natural gas HVAC equipment.

Other Gas Applications

There are numerous other gas applications being used throughout the commercial sector. This includes backup power, cleaning and laundry, new technologies, and more.

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Whether heating homes, powering industry, generating electricity, or fueling fleets, every day natural gas provides the energy Florida industries need while preserving its natural beauty for generations to come

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Smarter, Tougher Energy

Find out more reasons why natural gas is Florida’s smarter, tougher energy source.