City of Lake City

Available Rebates

Your local utility offers the following rebates for homes.

We also offer a Space Heater Rebate up to $50!
  • If required by City or County Building Inspector, an appropriate installation permit and inspection must be obtained from the authorized local Building Inspection jurisdiction.
  • Rebates are subject to change without notice and are subject to approval. Natural gas furnace, water heaters (standard & tankless), clothes dryers and ranges are eligible for rebates without restrictions.
  • To qualify for space heater, generator, fire log, grill, pool heater or gas light rebates, you must have or install a natural gas water heater or furnace.
  • Your paid receipt(s) for appliances purchased, and your paid invoice(s) for contractor installation charges, must be submitted with application.
  • Rebates cannot exceed the total installed cost for the appliance(s) (cost of the appliance(s) AND contractor installation charges)
  • Rebates will be paid via check and sent to the Applicant at the Mailing Address listed above.
  • Rebates will not be given for stub-outs; appliances must be installed.
  • Rebates will only be paid for newly purchased appliances or appliances converted from propane, NOT for used appliances purchased after-market.
  • Rebates are limited to one for each type of natural gas appliance at a given address, except for gas lights.
  • Retention appliance rebates (column B) are for natural gas-to-natural gas appliance replacements.
  • This application must be completed entirely and submitted within 60 days of final inspection for rebates to be paid.

Please see for full details.

Commercial Rebates

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Open the door to limitless opportunities with this safe, resilient, and valuable energy source.