City of Palatka Gas Authority

To supply the residences and businesses of the Palatka area with natural gas in a safe and efficient manner. To provide natural gas at a just and equitable rate, comparative with all alternative fuels available. To be a financial asset to the citizens of the City of Palatka providing funds to the general fund of the City. To ensure the future financial stability of the Authority, whereby gas service will be provided on a continuing basis.

Phone: 386.328.1591

Available Rebates

Your local utility offers the following rebates for homes.

We also offer a Service Reactivation Rebate up to $200!

Gas water heater must be present or purchased for other incentives to apply - Rebates apply to purchase and installation of a new appliance.

Commercial Rebates

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Open the door to limitless opportunities with this safe, resilient, and valuable energy source.