Florida Public Utilities Company


Since 1924, Florida Public Utilities (FPU) has been providing energy growing residential, commercial, and industrial markets throughout Florida. In 2009, the Company was acquired by Chesapeake Utilities, who already operated in Florida as Central Florida Gas. The acquisition expanded Chesapeake’s energy presence throughout the state while allowing FPU the opportunity to grow and expand its services. Chesapeake Utilities and FPU share a combined rich history spanning 160 years. Our commitment to distributing safe and reliable energy remains unchanged.

Florida Public Utilities owns and operates approximately 2,900 miles of natural gas distribution mains across 21 counties in Florida. FPU and the Florida division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation distribute natural gas to approximately 83,000 customers. FPU also owns and operates electric utility assets across four counties in Florida and distributes electricity to approximately 32,000 customers.


In addition to delivering natural gas and electric service, FPU offers energy-saving programs, specialty gas appliance sales, appliance repairs, fuel line maintenance, natural gas water heater leasing plans, budget billing and a wide range of other services.


Florida Public Utilities is proud to support a wide variety of charitable organizations throughout its local service territories. The Company provides ongoing support for the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Feeding America, United Way, March of Dimes, Salvation Army, hospice care centers, local food banks and school drives, to name just a few. Our Chesapeake Giving program gives employees the opportunity to double their donations to specified local organizations that serve the communities in which we live and work. Chesapeake Utilities matches all individual donations received.

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Contact Your Local Utility For Available Rebates

Check with your local utility for a complete list of natural gas rebates and incentives that are currently available to you.

Natural gas provides substantial energy efficiency benefits, delivering immediate and long-term cost savings to Florida consumers. Most natural gas utilities in Florida offer rebates or incentives to offset the initial cost of installing natural gas appliances. Potential incentives may include everything from service reactivation bonuses and limited-time appliance special offers to builder allowances and CNG tax credits.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Open the door to limitless opportunities with this safe, resilient, and valuable energy source.