Pensacola Energy

Pensacola Energy maintains a close relationship with our community, not only by providing natural gas energy to thousands of customers, but also by offering a variety of additional services related to energy education. With all the latest information on energy and resource conservation, you and other consumers will be more able to make thoughtful, environmentally sound decisions. Your community is our community. Pensacola Energy is committed to an energy-conscious future, and we hope you’ll join us.

Phone: 850.436.5050

Available Rebates

Your local utility offers the following rebates for homes.

Rebate good for one year from installation date.
Appliance must be new.
Any required permits must pass final inspection.
Copy of invoice must be provided along with completed rebate form.

Please see for full details.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Open the door to limitless opportunities with this safe, resilient, and valuable energy source.